Hearthfire Guild Logbook (LOG 4)

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Request: Trinity. Guild Members: Opal Linwood / Shanti Ka’a

Request Statement: “Go to the Neblina Forest and seek Druid Deng to find a cure for Druid Gwynn.” 

Meeting with Trinity in Prince’s Harbor has been incredibly fortunate for our investigation and relief effort. She was able to give us more information on Druid Gywnn as well as asked me to look into the home to see if his wife and daughter were alright. I complied. It is with deep regret to inform that his wife and daughter perished some weeks ago. I compiled several of his notes and locked the house up after doing as much diligence as I could in respect to their lying in state. When this is over, I hope to bring peace to those they have departed from. 

It seems Gwynn’s family had also fallen victim to the necrotic water. In his efforts to save them, he became entangled with a sorcerer who fed him information on a cure that involved Joyfruit. Much of this was written in druidic. It is Trinity’s hope that if we make haste to the Nebula forest we might be able to convince Druid Deng to assist us further. 

The plant on Gywnn’s back has been identified as a Verdant Mantle. We hypothesize that Gwynn fought adamantly against us thinking that the plant attached was his family and that he was protecting them. 

There is still very little to go on but we have learned more of several people who might be influential in helping or hindering our efforts. They are Druid Deng’s apprentices who trained alongside Trinity and Gwynn, as well as his adopted family: E’thor and his husband Telynor, and two dryad sisters Arpistis and Mavka.

The townsfolk have recovered from their stupor and we felt it necessary to console and comfort where we could. The town gave several items to thank our guild’s for the assistance: Aged Goodberry Wine, a cloak of protection, a griffon component pouch and the offer of use of the wagoner’s horses. We were also compensated 500 gp to the Hearthfire guild, and 100 gp to the Storm Hand Guild. 

I have been instructed to wait until further instruction but time is of the essence. After a night’s rest we will continue into the Neblina Woods. While recompense may be issued for disobeying a direct order from the guildmaster, I feel it is prudent to make haste for the alleviation of suffering in this town and the surrounding areas. 

*Personal note: I am uneasy about entering the Neblina forest. It has the capacity to judge. Regardless of self-defense we could find serious trouble if any creature within its confines, that are part of Deng’s children, are harmed by our actions. I pray for guidance and wisdom in our endeavors and hope that we are found worthy of walking within it’s wooded shelter. I am grateful to my comrades as always and for the never ending reassurance they give me. I believe even in this short time we have all grown stronger and more capable as individuals but more so as a group. I never dreamed that my caring for others would be the most difficult part. Not the caring itself, I’ll be honest that’s natural for me, but keeping track of the many friends I have made and staying afloat through their trials as well as my own is making me prove my mettle. It feels like a refiner’s fire. I should look at it like a blessing from the Sovereign, yeah?