Hearthfire Guild Logbook (LOG 3)

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Request: Hearthfire Guildmaster Urich Shasta. Guild Members: Opal Linwood / Shanti Ka’a

Request Statement: “Go to Prince’s Harbor and seek out Druid Gwynn Troutscale of the Hearthfire Guild. Investigate in instigation of poisoning the water for both towns.”

After resting our new party made its way back to Grove to conclude matters with the townsfolk. We took caution with the urn full of necrotic sludge and after writing a note in every language available to us, Conrad banished the chest to another plane after investigating it to his fullest capacity. 

In Grove, a sending message was delivered to Guildmast Urich Shasta for further instruction. Lesser restoration spells were used on the mayor in an attempt to alleviate or eliminate his condition. It was unsuccessful. After instruction to go to Prince’s Harbor it was decided that it would be beneficial to continue working with the Storm Hand Guild member Sir Biscuit. Cal would stay in Grove to assist Conrad with the townsfolk. Rose and Grace gave payment to the Hearthfire Guild for completion of the request of 85 gp, and payment to the Storm Hand Guild of 15 gp. I have offered to keep track of Sir Biscuit’s portion as he does not have a pouch to use at this time. 

At first light we set out towards Prince’s Harbor, making a short stop to deliver goods and compensation to Gibber. In return, she gifted me a cloak of many fashions. After parting, we traveled as far as we could before the weather turned and we were required to obtain shelter. We came upon a shack that was uninhabited. However before we entered, I detected magic of both schools of transmutation as well as enchantment. While investigating further we were attacked by plant-like creatures that used lightning defense. (While they were easily enough to fight off, I did find the whole situation concerning. However, the highlight of the moment was watching Sir Biscuit both attack harmless leaves and twigs after the fight and then try to bury them. Such a good boy that one!) Within the shack we found a greater concern of a table full of bottles and jars that held various spell components. On a piece of parchment left behind I was able to discern the words Prince’s Harbor and “joyfruit.” We barricaded the door and got as much rest as we could for the night. 

As we went into Prince’s Harbor the following morning we noted it was festooned with banners, flags, and flowers. We came upon a man who seemed to be inebriated and in such a state he attempted to fight us. Within his drinking cup I detected schools of transmutation and enchantment magic once more.  Further inspection into the town showed us that individuals that had drank the same substance were affected either by sedation or fury, similar to the animals we had encountered with the necrotic water. We learned that it is from the town’s festival punch known as the Draft of St. Isaac, given to the people by Druid Gwynn Troutscale. 

A baker woman tried to attack us as well as a wagon driver nearly ran his horse into the center of the towns well. It would have gravely injured, if not killed his steed as well as several others. Sir Biscuit and Shanti became invaluable for our next difficulty. A young girl came out of her home with a lantern. She was in a transfixed state and started a fire within her home with her parents inside, both in a subdued state. Shanti, Sir Biscuit and I were able to retrieve them and get both them and their daughter to safety in the knick of time. 

It is my regret to log at this point we encountered Gwynn of the Hearthfire Guild… (I’m struggling to write something official here. He was like a puppet for a plant.) His power is still great but it seems he has a plant on his back that is causing his actions and madness to dwell within him. We fought with him and were able to knock him unconscious but I am afraid there is no way to remove the parasitic plant without killing him. 

It was at this time that we met his aunt Trinity who came upon us. 

*Personal note: Shanti continues to amaze and impress me. Though she is rough around the edges, she has a heart of gold and truly wishes to aid others. Sir Biscuit has also been invaluable as an ally and I believe the Hearthfire Guild would benefit from further relations with the Storm Hand Guild. I will do my best to aid the town of Prince’s Harbor, and discover what I can about Gwynn’s involvement with the necrotic water and the effects through the Draft of St. Isaac.