A tale of five ponies who come upon a strange, magical egg and decide to return it to its parents. It’s a Tales of Equestria game!

Table of Contents

  1. The Ponies
    1. Blinkstep
    2. Story Share
    3. Stormy Skies
    4. Stormsurge
    5. Wackadoo
  2. The Story

The Ponies


Blinkstep is an incredibly old (and probably senile) unicorn who kept to himself most of his life. Only recently did he decide to go on an adventure after Princess Celestia and Blinkstep’s own brother, Lightningstep, intervened and asked him to. Despite his age, Blinkstep is very brave, though often forgetful. His pockets are strangely always full of butterscotch candy. His specialties are telekinesis and teleportation.

Story Share

Story Share is one of the smartest ponies in Equestria. From a very young age, she focused a lot of her attention on reading and learning. Because of this, she is very well educated. But unfortunately, this often goes to her head and she forgets that working as a team leads to better results than working solo. Her specialites are knowledge and book-smarts.

Stormy Skies

Stormy Skies is a very quick and adventurous pony. As a pegasus, she often takes to the skies to get ahead of her competitors and help scout around to keep her friends safe. In Ponyville, she purchased an old guitar and does her best to learn how to play it, much to the enjoyment of her companions. Her twin brother is Stormsurge. Her specialties are flight and adventuring.


Stormsurge is a lightning fast pegasus and a very brave pony. Like his twin sister, Stormy Skies, Stormsurge uses his ability to fly to look ahead and see what he can do to protect his allies. he’s often hot-headed, something that can occasionally get him into trouble. But even so, his companions can all feel much safer knowing Stormsurge is watching out for them. His specialties are flight and bravery.


Wackadoo is a builder at heart. He always carries with him a set of tools and is very happy to build and fix things for the people around him. He often gets into trouble as he is a little clumsy. His solution for problems is simple: build something that will help! And if that fails, Wackadoo carries an overly large pouch of candy with him wherever he goes. Hostile creatures like candy, right? His specialties are strength and construction.

The Story

A very large and powerful storm had just come through Ponyville. Cleanup was quite the chore! During the cleanup process, a few letters from Princess Celestia were delivered to some of those that were helping. The letters summoned Wackadoo, Story Share, and the twins Stormy Skies and Stormsurge to the castle. Each of them ventured off towards the castle, meeting and making friends with each other along the way.

Princess Celestia told the four of them a very sad tale. Another pony, Fluttershy, had noticed a large egg in the flotsam of the storm, and Celestial believed that the egg belonged to someone or something that was passing over Ponyville when the storm hit. It would be best if someone could reunite the egg with its rightful owner (possibly its parents!).

Another pony was summoned, a very old unicorn called Blinkstep. Blinkstep would guide the ponies up Mount Canterlot to his brother, another old unicorn named Lightningstep. Lightningstep had much experience adventuring and might know what to do with the egg and where it should go. Wackadoo, Story Share, Stormy Skies, and Stormsurge all accepted the mission and set out with Blinkstep up the mountain.

Each of the ponies purchased some things to take with them, and Wackadoo began pulling the cart of supplies up the mountain Story Share’s knowledge of mountains and traveling made the journey easy. Blinkstep led them through the crags and winding paths until they came to the summit. A pack of Diamond Dogs attacked, wanting the “shiny, shiny!” egg they carried. Stormy Skies managed to stare them down and send them away, but not before Wackadoo gave them some of his candy.

The ponies found the cave that led to Lightningstep’s home. A griffin named Herment challenged them to a few quick riddles before allowing them to see Lightningstep. The old unicorn identified the egg as the egg of a Gem Phoenix, a great rock bird with feathers made of rubies, sapphires, crystals, and other beautiful gems. The Gem Phoenix would roost on the dragon’s island to the east. The ponies decided to take the egg there. Blinkstep was intimidated by the journey as he was very old and had not done many adventures before. Lightningstep assured him that an adventure would be good for him and he would have many friends that could help him along the way.

Herment let the ponies use a hot air balloon to ride down towards a nearby train station. The train would take the ponies all the way to Horseshoe Bay, whereupon they could rent a ship to take them to the dragon’s island. As they traveled by balloon, a swarm of baby flumphs gathered in the skies, encompassing the balloon. Story Share noted that this was particularly strange considered these were babies and they appeared to be migrating all together at the same time, something that flumphs did not often do.

The balloon landed and the ponies had to dash to get onto the train just as it was leaving. There were no seats available, so the ponies rode in the luggage cart at the end. While the ponies passed the time and chatted with one another, Wackadoo got bit in the leg! A Timberwolf puppy had stowed away with the luggage and was scared.

As the ponies tried to figure out what to do about the puppy, the train screeched to a very sudden and violent halt, tossing the occupants of the luggage cart around. Stormsurge opened the door and saw a pack of adult Timberwolves, growling and snarling, pacing towards the luggage cart. The ponies quickly figured that these must be the family of the puppy. Blinkstep used his horn to cast a telekinesis spell, levitating the puppy out of the train and returning it to its family. The Timberwolves, now reunited with the puppy, turned and went back to the forest from whence they came.

The train set off again once the Timberwolves were out of sight. But it was not long that a voice from the conductor came over the loudspeaker, warning everyone to brace for impact. The brakes were damaged from the sudden stop earlier, and they would be crashing into Horseshoe Bay in just a few minutes! Wackadoo believed he could repair the brakes, but he was too far away from the train engine.

Story Share got a brilliant idea! If the ponies could get Wackadoo to the engine, they’d all be okay! She quickly informed Wackadoo how to repair train breaks while Stormsurge and Stormy Skies opened the hatch onto the roof of the train, flying out and waiting for Wackadoo. Blinkstep teleported Wackadoo to the roof, and the twins grabbed onto Wackadoo, carrying him all the way to the engine. With a few quick repairs, the train’s brakes were repaired and they all safely came to a stop in Horseshoe Bay.

The ponies rested for the night before they found a boat that would take them to the dragon island. Captain Ahab Ponyrib, a pirate of some sort, was happy to allow the ponies aboard his ship if they would help him sail it. Wackadoo hoisted the anchors. The twins set the sails. Story Share helped guide the ship out of the bay. And Blinkstep, disturbed by the uncleanliness of the ship, decided to clean everything as much as he could.

A day into the journey, the ponies woke up in the morning to the sounds of a struggle. Captain Ponyrib was restrained by a large sea serpent. The serpent currently had the mid-section of the boat completely wrapped up, and it was making a low rumbling noise whenever it moved. Story Share suggested that the sea serpent was actually a baby. It was too small to be of any real danger! She suggested the ponies come up with something else for the baby to snuggle instead of the hull of their ship. Wackadoo, with Story Share’s guidance, crafted a large teddy bear out of spare mattresses and pillows. The baby sea serpent was thrilled to have a new toy. It wrapped up the teddy bear and disappeared beneath the waves.

The ship soon reached the dragon’s island. Captain Ponyrib disappeared without many words, intent on finding treasure on the island. The ponies continued their adventure into the jungle of the island, staying out of sight of the large dragons flying overhead. Soon, they came to a large cave beneath the island’s volcano. A sign read: “Light wakes, Wind Shakes, Earth Quakes.” The ponies came up with a solution to this puzzle immediately! Blinkstep lit his horn, casting a great light that lit the way. Stormy Skies and Stormsurge flapped their pegasus wings to create gusts of wind that unlocked a door. Story Share and Wackadoo used their strength to push a barrier out of the way.

The next path was blocked by two adolescent dragons, arguing with each other that they had to guard the room beyond them. Not knowing what to do, Blinkstep strode forward. This adventure had given him confidence and he was sure he could win against these two dragons! His traveling companions cowered behind him, unsure of what the dragons would do. But the dragons stepped aside and let the ponies go beyond them. When asked about it, Blinkstep simply told them that he offered them some exotic candies that he had in his pocket.

The next room was a large chamber with gardens all around. A light shone from a hole in the ceiling from the outside sky. In the center of the room were two large Gem Phoenixes, more beautiful than Lightningstep had described! They sat quietly, sad that their egg was not with them. Wackadoo, who was holding the egg, approached them and laid the egg near them. The Gem Phoenixes raised up immediately and began encircling the egg between them. The gem feathers on their bodies began to descend, dropping down with loud thuds, until the egg was covered. The Gem Phoenixes, with a quick and brilliant flash, faded away and disappeared.

Then the egg hatched. The Gem Phoenix hatchling came out and snuggled itself into the gem feathers of its parents. A voice came to the ponies, thanking them for rescuing it. The baby had seen and felt all the interactions that they had, helping people and creatures along the way. It told them that a Gem Phoenix is born very rarely, but is a sign of good luck and prosperity for the land. It transported the ponies all back to Ponyville, whereupon they were treated greatly as heroes of the realm. They made new friends with each other, and with the new baby Gem Phoenix!

It was a wonderful, magical, happy hatchday adventure!