Race: Eladrin
Class: Warlock 6
Otherworldly Patron: The Hexblade
Equipment: Midsummer, Magic

We do not know much about Luna. I suspect Luna does not know much about Luna. The only memory she retains of her past is awaking in a desert with no recollection of her former life. She is a powerful spell-weaver and talented in close combat, having saved my life a number of times already.

Luna has been nothing but outwardly friendly to the party. Her happy attitude is infectious. She agrees to everything Hebo and Petra tell her. None of us (Luna included) know why she was in these parts of the world right now. She follows her heart. I am at peace with her as a comrade, but I do not understand her. I have only ever seen her angry once when some snake fiends tried to kidnap her.

Luna uses a trident that changes color according to her current emotion, but she does not use this to explain her emotions at any time. In fact, her trident may change color and she will not know the emotion she feels. Luna is also capable of cursing magic, which I believe is that bell sound we all hear that makes creatures wither before her.