Instrumental Songs

  • Two Sparrows Flew Into the Window
  • The Barn Cat Had Babies
  • The Goats Are Coming Home
  • Don’t Throw That Hay Bale on My Head
  • Wash the Floors (Stop Stepping in Mud)
  • No, Don’t Eat That, Hebo
  • Sunset and Cowpies
  • Bee Stung My Foot
  • Those Pickle Plums Taste So Good
  • Catching Fish With Luna
  • Let’s Go, Spoink
  • What’s For Dinner Tonight?

Poem for Carametra

Your puppies, so cute
Fly with rainbow wings in skies;
I will boop the snoots

Farewell to the Simurghs

We went our way
up the mountain side.
Sweet oasis we seek
Cool water, no tide

A heart feeling like warm;
Hearth and home.
A voice in mine head,
Which way shall I roam?

The heavenly being
this terra doth tread
is one with the land
bringing life, not death

I’ll Tell You a Tale of a Big Dragon Tail

Come listen, my fellows as I tell you a tale
of a dragon so evil, he came straight from hell

Renshato the fowl spawn, so heartless, so cruel!
Unkind, unyielding, he suffers no fools.

Sweeping, swooping, terror upon the skies,
blowing nasty poison, makes small goblins cry.

Kobolds all worship our enemy so savage.
We must defeat them all; our hearts won’t be ravaged!

Underestimated we were by horrid Renshato
when a challenge he delivered to the Great Ones, his foe

A fight! A fight! We stood ready in wait.
Renshato was to learn why we are so Great.

Ezio, so cunning, invisible in daylight.
Petra, so pleasant, her spells are a sight.

Oromis, so strong, his axe and wit sharp.
Eclipse, so gracious, heals and fights with her heart.

Luna, so beautiful, she’s loyal and true.
Nine, so intelligent, learning daily anew.

Hebo, so small, he seeks the best deeds.
Spoink, so fast, the envy of steeds.

The battle plan: cunning. Each using their strength,
attacking at first light to make Renshato quake.

Some fire, an arrow, a swipe of an axe!
Cannons shooting, strong spells, fast running with a dash!

With a flourish and flurry, the dragon fell from the sky.
Goodbye, Renshato! It is your turn to cry!