Race: Goblin
Class: Bard 6
Bard College: College of the Road
Equipment: Wargroove, Crossbow, Various Musical Instruments

Hebo is a very talented goblin bard from Caladmein. He is able to distract or knock out our foes in his own unique way using nothing but his voice. The others in our little group seem to enjoy his music and tales. They agree with me that we are lucky to have him on our side. His voice itself is laced with magic words, such that he can shout and cause enemies to faint and fall, or speak softly and heal wounds without touch.

Hebo has a fondness for sweets, with chocolate being his favorite. In towns, he sneaks away to purchase candies and shares them with the group. Because Hebo is perhaps the kindest of all of us, we all seem to have a shared responsibility to keep him safe. He had a brief brush with death in the mountains outside Oakshade, and we have all decided to work harder to keep him safe. Despite this, he remains in good spirits.

Hebo loves to sing and write music. On our adventure so far, he has collected a variety of musical instruments. So far, he has a lute, harmonica, and a war drum. He is in the process of writing an epic tale, though he has been very secretive about it thus far. Hebo was the one who came up with our traveling group’s name: The Great Ones.