Race: Half-Elf
Class: Rogue 5 / Fighter 1
Roguish Archtype: Assassin
Martial Archtype: None
Equipment: Longbow, The Sons of Slate

Ezio is from some far away city I do not know. He was trained by a secret society to be an expert silent killer. Ezio does not care for relationships. Rather, he cares for only one specific relatonship, one that drives him through his missions. He shows no emotions and is driven only by the fulfillment of his missions. He works for the governing body of Caladmein, the Court of Owls, but has been growing uneasy with their government in recent years.

As he progressed in Gotham, Ezio was directed to foreign lands on an undertaking of which the details are known only to him. Somehow, he found himself with a new party that he initially did not care for or trust. As he spends time with them, Ezio has found himself creating attachments to his companions. In particular, he found a connection with me, probably due to my penchant for long range weaponry. Hebo the goblin has been growing on him as they adventure together.

At first I did not trust Ezio. No one did. Regardless, Ezio is evidently loyal to our party and we are happy to have him around. He is knowledgeable to the world around us. He is impulsive, perhaps to a fault, but his skills with a longbow are unmatched. He is a master of the sleight of hand, trickery, and shadows. We thank the gods that he has been working with us instead of against us.

Ezio’s ultimate goal is to contend against the Court of Owls in Caladmein. What that means is still up for debate, but the Great Ones have decided to assist him with this so long as it is in our collective best interests.