Soaps safe for when you use find familiar… And your familiar found something dead to roll in.

(Please note that animals can have adverse reactions to things just like the humanoids. While the ingredients used are deemed safe for animals and approved by my personal veterinarian, always consult your vet before using something for your beloved familiars.)

Izzy Approved: Izzy is our households… darker familiar? She takes the form of a tiny black cat with the strength of a barbarian in full rage. But she loves coconut oil and approves of this coconut oil goat milk soap. Her chances of murdering us after using this in her bath are slim… though never guaranteed.

Zoey Approved: Zoey our pup familiar who is great at scouting ahead for the party. Sometimes that means she will smell pretty strong and if our prestidigitation caster isn’t around it’s into the bath she goes. She always looks pitiful but trust us, she likes the tea tree treatment of this goats milk soap that soothes her skin and keeps away the icky biter bugs.

Baths can become a stressful experience for even the most mellow of pets. Try having your pup or kitty smell the soap well before you plan to use it on them. If they have an aversion to it then we recommend you don’t bath them with our soap. If they don’t care then great! But no worries if your familiar hates it, these are humanoid friendly too so no waste!