In the last few years there has been a surge of awareness and popularity in reference to TTRPG’s for the masses. This could be attributed to several factors. I speculate it is due to availability of materials, online communities, pop culture normalization and platforms such as twitch that have increased the volume of players. I myself did not play DnD until recent years. It just wasn’t anything available to me growing up in a small town in Wyoming. However I have always loved the genre of fantasy in general, and as a former theatre kid it was only a matter of time until I found “my people.” I will forever be grateful to our cherished best friends Ryan and Laurel for bringing my husband and I into the “fold.”

Lately I’ve been more focused on my degree in psychology and the awareness it brings to the benefits of TTRPG’s for many people. As recently as March of 2021 an article was published on the therapeutic implications of game play not only to adolescents and children but to adults as well. “These practices allowed participants to explore and discover different elements of themselves, and the world around them, as well as opportunities to express themselves. The therapeutic qualities of these practices went beyond simply discussing and exploring issues; they were an opportunity to gain new skills and confidence—which were fundamental to improving the participants’ lives, well-being, and experiences outside of the game. Furthermore, participants shared that they had developed self-expression skills and a sense of self-advocacy, which encouraged them to support their own interests and build healthy relationships.” (Goodall & Truong, 2021). My own undergrad research was on complimentary therapy models so of course this is of great interest to me. I look forward to more research. But I digress…

So as to not treat this as a recipe blog that takes forever to get to the actual recipe I will finally get to the point of this particular page on the website. Self care comes in many ways, and I value the contribution it plays to mental health. So I wanted to marry two forms of my favorite self care into one and offer up some pampering items to those who may stumble upon this small corner of the internet. This website is not only a recount of the wonderful games we as a group have had a the privilege to be a part of, but it’s also meant to be a haven for creativity for our party members. If that creativity comes through writing, art, craftsmanship or any other outlet needed it is welcomed here.

Welcome to Dragonskin Soaps n Stuff. A place for the weary traveler to wash away some cares and indulge.