• W.S. – Wakening Sun, the first day of the month
  • B.S. – Burning Sun, the day of sacrifice
  • V.S. – Verdant Sun, midway through the month

Months: Eosis, Uatis, Voelis, Inalis, Goloris, Qtaris, Rzhalis, Amaljis, and Kharsis
* current month


8 to B.S.Leef departs Ylisse for the Emerald Isles
Day of V.S.Leef arrives in the Emerald Isles, having survived a shipwreck. The Mark of the Pierced Dragon appears on the Oracle’s Chosen.
14 to W.S.Queen Aminatou sends summons to those with the Mark. Leef meets Shadow in Ellandyr.
13 to W.S.Shadow and Leef depart Ellandyr for the Sour Vintage.
2 to W.S.Briar and Clio meet in the Heartlands and begin traveling together.


11 to B.S.The Heroes of Prophesy meet together in the Sour Vintage.
10 to B.S.Slaying of the Wakening Sun’s Avatar. Torag departs from the Oracle’s temple.
7 to B.S.Versi the Oracle is saved from the sea hag Heleka by the Heroes
6 to B.S.The Heroes swear an Oath of Friendship and depart the Oracle’s temple for Altea.
4 to B.S.Torag meets the Heroes and leads them to Woodhike where they help save the town from bandits. Torag joins the Heroes in the Oath of Friendship. Khar’shan’s first nightmare.
2 to B.S.The Heroes arrive in Altea.
Day of B.S.The “Sacrifice” of Princess Anora of Altea
10 to V.S.King Vaevictus announces a week of festivities in honor of the Heroes.
8 to V.S.The Heroes retrieve the stolen Horn of Selesnya from Demetria in the Mossy Temple. Clio is killed by Demetria but is mysteriously resurrected. Demetria is slain by Shadow.
7 to V.S.The Heroes drink from the Horn of Selesnya and see their destiny aboard the Gjallarhorn.
5 to V.S.The Heroes depart Altea for the Mithral Mines and Forge. A great hurricane from Amalj’aa begins to vex Ellandyr.
4 to V.S.A dragon and rider apparently sent from Amalj’aa warns the Heroes to bend the knee to the Lord of Storms, and the Heroes are attacked by centaurs.
3 to V.S.Meteor Shower. Torag collects fragments of starmetal. Actaeon acquires a mount (Triple A)
2 to V.S.Noya centaurs assist the Heroes. The Heroes arrive in the Mithral Mines and save the Noya captives from troglodytes.
1 to V.S.Second day in the Mithral Mines. Torag is slain by a behir but is revived by Vaevictus. Azorius arrives in the Mithral Forge.
Day of V.S.The Forgekeeper’s contract with Azorius is broken, but she offers to serve the Heroes for one year. The Mithral Forge is relit. Intelligent troglodytes try to retake the Forge but are defeated. Khar’shan’s second nightmare.
15 to W.S.The Heroes depart the Mithral Forge and head back to Altea with Vaevictus.
13 to W.S.The Heroes save the Alteans from Khar’shan’s Returned. Corinna becomes Actaeon’s squire.
12 to W.S.Departure from Altea towards the Necropolis. The Heroes celebrate Leef’s anniversary and birthday and grow closer together. Rendu departs Ellandyr to intercept the Heroes at the Necropolis.
11 to W.S.Arrival at the Necropolis. The Heroes are chased away by Graxis the Butcher in Xander’s Tomb.
10 to W.S.Second day in the Necropolis. The Heroes defeat Graxis and recover Xander Huorath’s armaments. Rendu finds and joins the Heroes. In the late hours, Dia leaves for Ellandyr.
9 to W.S.King Acastus summons the Heroes to Ellandyr. The Heroes are guided by the “New Dragonlords”. Corinna heads to Altea.
8 to W.S.The Heroes arrive in Ellandyr in the late hours and help quell Amalj’aa’s hurricane. They receive the map to the Gjallarhorn, but choose to stay in Ellandyr to build up their fame.
7 to W.S.Slaying of the Burning Sun’s Avatar. The Heroes qualify for the Great Games. The Temple of the Five is robbed at night.
6 to W.S.Ilharg is freed from the minotaur slave market and joins with the heroes. Palladia’s Harp is recovered by Rendu. Corinna rejoins the heroes.
5 to W.S.The Heroes find and defeat Athis (Aspasia) and free the Verdant Sun’s Avatar. They depart Ellandyr at night.
4 to W.S.Pholon joins the group, creating a bond with Rendu.
3 to W.S.The Heroes arrive at the Sour Vintage by nightfall.
1 to W.S.Arrival at the Dead Falls. The Heroes board the Gjallarhorn and defeat Arkelander’s thanes, but none agree to become captain of the ship.


Day of W.S.The Heroes mysteriously sail Gjallarhorn back to Ellandyr and are met with fanfare and cheering by the people.
12 to B.S.An agreement is made between the Heroes and the Lady of Coins. Late at night, the heroes break into the Temple of Khar’shan and rescue twelve kidnapped children.
11 to B.S.First day of rest. In the afternoon, the heroes hike to a shrine of Helios and meet the sun god.
10 to B.S.Second day of rest. The Heroes return to Ellandyr and begin preparations for the Great Games.
9 to B.S.Third day of rest. Some of the heroes go out to the wilds to find potion ingredients.
8 to B.S.Fourth day of rest. Briar and Clio make potions.
7 to B.S.Fifth day of rest and the opening ceremony to the Great Games. Clio and Shadow each win in the dinosaur races. In the opening ceremony, Actaeon defeats the minotaur sacrifice in one-on-one combat, and Clio calls for Aminatou to end the minotaur market.
6 to B.S.The Great Games begin. In the archery contest, Shadow wins and breaks its previous record. In the Contest of Sunken Souls, Actaeon wins first prize, Shadow wins second, and Torag wins third.
5 to B.S.Second day of the Great Games. Rendu wins the javelin throwing contest. In the King of the Hill event, Torag wins first prize and Actaeon and Shadow tie for third.
4 to B.S.Third day of the Great Games. Shadow wins the Boxing contest by a very narrow margin. The Trial of Fire is won by Actaeon with Shadow and Torag in second and third place respectively.
3 to B.S.Fourth day of the Great Games. Shadow wins the 300 Meter Dash contest. Actaeon, Shadow, and Torag all tie to win the Chariot Races spectacle.
2 to B.S.Fifth day of the Great Games. Actaeon wins the Long Jump contest and Shadow is victorious in the Leaping Spires spectacle.
1 to B.S.Sixth day of the Great Games. Discus throw and Eye of the Storm.
Day of B.S.Last day of the Great Games. Actaeon barely manages to defeat a peculiar Jorges in the Wrestling competition. In the Great Relay, the fey team (Rendu, Briar, Kano, Actaeon, and Clio) win by a small margin. Actaeon is crowned the champion and victor of the Great Games.
10 to V.S.The Heroes make their way towards the Adonian Canyon and rescue Malikos (Demitri) from a Draconian Dreadnaught.
9 to V.S.Return to Ellandyr. Sa’kull and Karador and an unnamed harpy join the Heroes, having been purchased from the Great Menagerie. Dia warns that King Acastus plans to kill them the next day or usurping his fame in the city.
8 to V.S.The Gjallarhorn departs from Ellandyr. Dia informs the party that the Oath of Peace will end in sixty days
7 to V.S.Under cover of fog, the Gjallarhorn reaches the Isle of Yonder. Riesz is rescued and Chondrus is killed by Shadow. Gaius and Lachesis attack the ship afterwards but are slain by Actaeon/Shadow and Rendu respectively. Leef’s mother, Riesz, is rescued from the League of Storms.
5 to V.S.The Gjallarhorn arrives at The Isle of the Sleepy Drake. They enter Jasena’s Tomb and slay the source of the island’s blight: a poison dragon named Salamul. Actaeon acquires Malkarion’s egg.
4 to V.S.Mimriko joins the Gjallarhorn’s crew, and Riesz stays behind on the Isle of the Sleepy Drake.
2 to V.S.The Gjallarhorn arrives at Fire Island in the early hours, but waits until daybreak to land. Sa’kull joins the Flamescar tribe. Queen Iquala charges the Heroes to slay Kroq-Tor of the Fire Walkers tribe and free the island from Amalj’aa’s grip. The Heroes find a secret passage at some sunken ruins.
1 to V.S.With help from Briar, the Heroes move through the underwater secret passage into the Fire Walkers’ fort. Sel-Makor and other Flamescars are rescued and Kroq-tor is slain by Shadow. Briar acquires Zirconis’s egg.
Day of V.S.The Flamescars reclaim Fire Island, but the heroes notice something amiss with their sacrifices to the God in the Volcano. Sel-Makor joins the crew. The World Turtle is encountered late at night, and the heroes meet with Yfalos on the Coral Throne and learn of the nature of Eos, U’atu, and the Emerald Isles.
14 to W.S.Return to the Mithral Forge. Steros the Jancan joins Azorius’s work force. The Heroes travel with Kano to a mountainside and find an oread with Palladia’s Lyre.
12 to W.S.The Heroes arrive on Talys at night. They infiltrate the amazon castle with help of the Lady of Coins who later betrays them. The false queen Thesilea is defeated and Princess Xoti takes the throne.
11 to W.S.Xoti joins the crew, and the ship sets sail for the Isle of the Fates. Theophilis joins the Heroes.
9 to W.S.The Heroes arrive at the Island of the Fates. Entrance of the Endless Archive and the Heroes meet the Scaled Book of the Dead. Later, they defeat the Fates. Clio, Versi, and Rhea become the new fates. Theo remains to guard the Fates while Clio continues with the Heroes of Prophesy.
7 to W.S.Arrival on Scorpion Island in the evening. The Heroes rescue Nessa’s group. The Heroes bond with some of the scorpion centaurs.
6 to W.S.Parlay with the Lotus Witch. Briar learns how to remove her family curse. Departure from Scorpion Island.
Present Day