• W.S. – Wakening Sun, the first day of the month
  • B.S. – Burning Sun, the day of sacrifice
  • V.S. – Verdant Sun, midway through the month

Months: Eosis, Uatis, Voelis, Inalis, Goloris, Qtaris, Rzhalis, Amaljis, and Kharsis

8 to B.S. UatisLeef departs Ylisse for the Emerald Isles
Day of V.S. UatisLeef arrives in the Emerald Isles, having survived a shipwreck. The Mark of the Pierced Dragon appears on the Oracle’s Chosen.
14 to W.S. UatisQueen Aminatou sends summons to those with the Mark. Leef meets Shadow in Ellandyr.
13 to W.S. UatisShadow and Leef depart Ellandyr for the Sour Vintage.
2 to W.S. UatisBriar and Clio meet in the Heartlands and begin traveling together.
11 to B.S. VoelisThe Heroes of Prophesy meet in the Sour Vintage
10 to B.S. VoelisSlaying of the Wakening Sun’s Avatar
7 to B.S. VoelisVersi the Oracle is saved from the sea hag Heleka by the Heroes
6 to B.S. VoelisThe Heroes swear an Oath of Friendship and depart the Oracle’s temple for Altea.
4 to B.S. VoelisTorag meets the Heroes and leads them to Woodhike where they help save the town from bandits. Torag joins the Heroes in the Oath of Friendship. Khar’shan’s first nightmare.
2 to B.S. VoelisThe Heroes arrive in Altea.
Day of B.S. VoelisThe “Sacrifice” of Princess Anora of Altea
10 to V.S. VoelisKing Vaevictus announces a week of festivities in honor of the Heroes.
8 to V.S. VoelisThe Heroes retrieve the stolen Horn of Selesnya from Demetria in the Mossy Temple. Clio is killed by Demetria but is mysteriously resurrected. Demetria is slain by Shadow.
7 to V.S. VoelisThe Heroes drink from the Horn of Selesnya and see their destiny aboard the Gjallerhorn.
5 to V.S. VoelisThe Heroes depart Altea for the Mithral Mines and Forge. A great hurricane from Amalj’aa begins to vex Ellandyr.
4 to V.S. VoelisA dragon and rider apparently sent from Amalj’aa warns the Heroes to bend the knee to the Lord of Storms, and the Heroes are attacked by centaurs.
3 to V.S. VoelisMeteor Shower. Torag collects fragments of starmetal.
2 to V.S. VoelisNoya centaurs assist the Heroes. The Heroes arrive in the Mithral Mines and save the Noya captives from troglodytes
1 to V.S. VoelisSecond day in the Mithral Mines. Torag is slain by a behir but is revived by Vaevictus. Azorius arrives in the Mithral Forge.
Day of V.S. VoelisThe Forgekeeper’s contract with Azorius is broken, but she offers to serve the Heroes for one year. The Mithral Forge is relit. Intelligent troglodytes try to retake it but are defeated. Khar’shan’s second nightmare.
15 to W.S. VoelisThe Heroes depart the Mithral Forge and head back to Altea with Vaevictus.
13 to W.S. VoelisThe Heroes save the Alteans from Khar’shan’s Returned. Corinna becomes the Heroes’ squire.
12 to W.S. VoelisDeparture from Altea towards the Necropolis. The Heroes celebrate Leef’s anniversary/birthday.
11 to W.S. VoelisArrival at the Necropolis. The Heroes are chased away by Graxis the Butcher in Xander’s Tomb.
10 to W.S. VoelisSecond day in the Necropolis. The Heroes defeat Graxis and recover Xander Huorath’s armaments. Rendu finds and joins the Heroes. In the late hours, Dia is summoned by Aminatou to return to Ellandyr. She sets out immediately.
9 to W.S. VoelisKing Acastus summons the Heroes to Ellandyr. The Heroes are guided by the “New Dragonlords”
8 to W.S. VoelisThe Heroes arrive in Ellandyr in the late hours and help quell Amalj’aa’s hurricane. They receive the map to the Gjallerhorn, but choose to stay in Ellandyr to build up their fame. Current Day