1st level Spells

SpellCreated byUsable by
Absorb ElementsBriarLeef, Shadow
Animal FriendshipBriarShadow
Beast BondBriarShadow
Charm PersonBriarClio, Leef
CommandLeefClio, Rendu
Create or Destroy WaterBriar, LeefBriar, Leef
Cure WoundsBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Rendu, Shadow
Detect Evil and GoodLeefRendu
Detect Poison and DiseaseBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Rendu, Shadow
Earth TremorBriarLeef, Shadow
Faerie FireBriar, LeefBriar, Leef
Fog CloudBriarLeef, Shadow
GoodberryBriarClio, Shadow
Guiding BoltLeefRendu
Healing WordBriar, LeefBriar, Leef
Ice KnifeBriarLeef
Protection from Evil and GoodBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Rendu
Purify Food and DrinkBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Rendu
Shield of FaithLeefRendu
Speak With AnimalsBriarShadow

2nd Level Spells

SpellCreated byUsable by
AidLeefRendu, Shadow
Animal MessengerBriarShadow
AuguryBriar, LeefBriar, Leef
Beast SenseBriarShadow
Calm EmotionsLeefClio
Continual FlameBriar, LeefBriar, Leef
DarkvisionLeef, ShadowLeef, Shadow
Dust DevilBriarLeef
Enhance AbilityBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Shadow
Find TrapsBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Shadow
Flaming SphereBriar, LeefBriar, Leef
Gentle ReposeLeefRendu
Gust of WindBriarLeef, Shadow
Healing SpiritBriarShadow
Hold PersonBriar, LeefBriar, Clio, Leef
Lesser RestorationBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Rendu, Shadow
Locate Animals or PlantsBriarShadow
Locate ObjectBriar, LeefBriar, Clio, Leef, Rendu, Shadow
Pass Without TraceBriarShadow
Prayer of HealingLeefRendu
Protection From PoisonBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Rendu, Shadow
Spike GrowthBriarShadow
Summon BeastBriarShadow
Warding BondLeefRendu
Warding WindBriarLeef
Zone of TruthLeefClio, Rendu

3rd Level Spells

* note, Leef cannot prepare 3rd level spell scrolls yet

SpellCreated byUsable by
Aura of VitalityBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Rendu
Conjure AnimalsBriarShadow
Create Food and WaterLeefRendu
DaylightBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Rendu, Shadow
Dispel MagicBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Rendu
Elemental WeaponBriarShadow
Feign DeathBriar, LeefBriar, Leef
Flame ArrowsBriarShadow
Magic CircleLeefRendu
Meld Into StoneBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Shadow
Plant GrowthBriarShadow
Protection From EnergyBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Shadow
Remove CurseLeefRendu
RevivifyBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Rendu, Shadow
Speak With DeadBriar, LeefBriar, Leef
Speak With PlantsBriarShadow
Spirit GuardiansLeefRendu
Spirit ShroudLeefRendu
Summon FeyBriarShadow
Water BreathingBriarShadow
Water WalkBriar, LeefBriar, Leef, Shadow
Wind WallBriarShadow

Spell Scroll Rules

To read a spell scroll, the spell must appear on your class’s spell list. For example, the longstrider spell appears on the Ranger spell list; therefore, the Shadow can read the scroll and cast longstrider through it, even if he does not know the spell.

If the spell uses a slot your character does not have, you must make a DC 10 + the spell scroll’s level using your spellcasting ability to successfully cast it. On a success, you cast the spell and the spell scroll crumbles to dust. On a failure, the spell is not cast and the writing on the scroll disappears (note: the scroll itself survives; it is only the writing that disappears).

Example: If Shadow attempts to read a speak with plants scroll and does not have 3rd level spell slots, he must make a DC 13 Wisdom check to try to cast the spell.

Citation: dndbeyond.com Spell Scrolls