People met by the Heroes of Prophecy. People mentioned but not seen do not appear in this list

Acastus Human King of Ellandyr, potentially a pawn of the titans
Aesop Elf Keeper of the Dragonshrine
Aloral Elf Headmaster of the Academy Arcanum
Amalj’aa Titan The Lord of Storms and wicked titan god, appears as a face in storm clouds
Aminatou Human (?) Queen of Ellandyr and goddess of wisdom
Anora Human Queen and ruler of Altea, daughter of Vaevictus and Torag's sister
Athis Dryad One of Clio's family, now called Aspasia, a servant of Khar'shan. Slain by Rendu.
Athos Elf One of the High Priests in the Temple of the Five
Azorius Dwarf God of the Forge, currently residing in the Mithral Forge, Torag's grandfather
Behir of the Forge Behir Monster living in the Mithral Forge, slain by Shadow
Bella Acastus's concubine
Boreas Satyr One of the Four Winds and the thief who stole Palladia's Harp. Slain by Leef.
Braenor Centaur Leader in the Vega tribe, formerly a threat to Altea if Anora was not sacrificed
Candle Tabaxi Gravedigger in Ellandyr, member of Shadow's Hunt
Chondrus Tiefling Leader of the Children of the Night in Ellandyr, slain by Shadow
Cindra Fire Elemental The Forgekeeper, freed from imprisonment but bound to serve the Heroes
Corinna Human Daughter of the keeper of the vineyards in Altea, Actaeon's squire
Damon Changeling The Lich of the Necropolis, once a companion to the Dragonlords
Davos Dwarf One of Arkelander's undead thanes, slain by Briar
Death Knight Leader of the Returned, last seen in Altea
Delica Allosaurus The Burning Sun's Avatar, slain by Leef, sacrificed to Kiora
Delphion Innkeeper at the Dragon's Tooth Inn in Altea
Demetria Nymph Overseer of the Mossy Temple, slain by Shadow
Dia Human (?) Court musician to Aminatou, chronicler of the Heroes. She is really the goddess Palladia.
Dorne Half Orc One of the new chefs at the Sour Vintage
Dygo Mousefolk Proprietor of a magic item shop in Ellandyr, currently employed by the Heroes
Eos Celestial Mother of All who laid down her life to become the Emerald Isles
Eronus Human Former thief in Ellandyr, currently employed by the Heroes
Estor Arkelander Human The dragonlord who murdered countless fey in The Great War, now an undead ghost stuck on his own ship
Etala Innkeeper of the Sour Vintage
Gaius Human Captain of the League of Storms in Ellandyr, slain by Actaeon and Shadow
Gallia Human A poison-maker who needs a real friend. Loves testing poisons on "things"
Giannis Unicorn Rabbit One of shadow's pets, currently under training as a scout
Graxis Minotaur Champion warrior cursed into servitude under Xander, slain by Shadow
Grimmick Half-Orc Weapon maker and proprietor of his shop in the Great Bazaar
Hagalaz Dragon The "Pride of the Firewalkers". Slain by Briar.
Hakar Centaur Chief of the Noya centaur tribe
Helaka Sea Hag Captured the Oracle on command of Amalj'aa, slain by Shadow
Helios Unknown The elusive ancient sun god who quietly tends to his own shrines
Herkus the Helpful Gnome Peaceful and fun-loving druid, Briar's adopted father
Ilharg Minotaur Former slave freed by Actaeon, sides with the heroes
Iquala Lizardfolk The queen of the Flamescar tribe
Jakobe Dragonborn A warrior from Sleepy Drake who likes Kagura
Jasena Human Former dragonlord who hid the eggs from the Titans before dying
Javon Ranger in the Wyldwood, slain by the Wakening Sun's Avatar
Julius Human Proprietor and barkeeper of the Satyr's Tail. He was a former sailor who came on hard times.
Jungle Princess Allosaurus Shadow's mount, trained in riding and racing
Kagura Dragonborn An expert from Sleepy Drake
Kalista Human A red-haired escort at the Siren's Roost, and Torag's sister. She works to disturb the Temple of Khar'shan
Kano Oread Nymph A legendary hunter who seeks great fame, and competitor in the Great Games
Karador Centaur Young boy from Scorpion Island, bonded with Rendu
Keledone Construct Mechanical servant of Azorius
Khar’shan Titan The Lady of Dreams and the wicked titan goddess
Korteva Human Leader of a group of bandits, slain by Flee
Kroq-Tor Lizardfolk Self-proclaimed king of Fire Island and servant of Amalj'aa. Slain by Shadow.
Kyma Water Genasi A druid-in-training who leads the heroes to her city underwater
Lachesis Dragon Gaius's bonded dragon, slain by Rendu
Lady of Coins Medusa The leader of the Ellandyr thieves' guild. She asked the heroes to help her take the throne of Talys.
Loreus Satyr Lives in the Wyldwood, has a crush on Briar
Malikos Human Demitri, a League of Storms turncoat
Malkarion Dragon Actaeon's bonded dragon, still in its egg
Mataru Dragonborn One of the High Priests in the Temple of the Five
Maximus Called "The Merciless", contractor of the Minotaur Market in Ellandyr
Meletis Nymph Part of Clio's pod, taken by Khar'shan. Put to rest by Shadow.
Mercurio Alchemist in Altea, made a truth serum for Clio
Metron Sea Elf One of Arkelander's undead thanes, slain by Briar
Mikhael Human A sailor from Ylisse whose ship wrecked, he seeks to reclaim it
Mikhaila Human Amazon warrior, exiled from her island, currently in service to Aminatou
Mimriko Dragonborn A mage from Sleepy Drake who joins the Gjallarhorn's crew
Neritos Nymph Part of Clio's pod, taken by Khar'shan. Put to rest by Actaeon.
Nyas Halfling One of the new chefs at the Sour Vintage
Nyx Centaur Centaur warrior who drank with the heroes after they saved his kin
Ocasius Human Soothsayer from Altea in the service of Kiora
Pholon Centaur From the Scorpion Tribe, bonded to Rendu
Proteus Acolyte in the Oracle's temple
Reilana Siren Forced by her master to appear like a harpy, purchased by Actaeon
Revica Dwarf Leader of the Steelleaf Clan in Altea
Riesz Dragonborn Leef's adopted mother, rescued from the League of Storms
Sa’kull Lizardfolk Youngster from Fire Island, stolen from his family
Salamul Dragon The Dreadsower and the cause of the blight on Sleepy Drake. Slain by Shadow
Sel-Makor Lizardfolk A brutish Flamescar warrior who swore vengeance against Kroq-Tor
Septia Trellus's twin sister, one of the acolytes in the Temple of Khar'shan
Shazum Djinn? A mysterious salesperson on the World Turtle
Sima Human Actress in Altea, attracted to Flee's "Heath" mask
Skathon Half-Orc One of Arkelander's undead thanes, slain by Shadow
Sostrate Human Young man from Altea and Corinna's paramour
Steros Jancan The former forgemaster of the Firewalkers, now employed by the heroes
Taneas Ranger in the Wyldwood, slain by the Wakening Sun's Avatar
Taran Neurdagon Human Lord of the Neurdagon Estate and descendant of Adonis Neurdagon, a dragonlord
Tarkon Human Captain of the New Dragonlords and a spy for Aminatou
Thaos Human (?) A figurehead in the League of Storms in Altea
The Stranger Mysterious vendor, last seen in Altea
Theracles Human Keeper of the vineyards of Altea, Corinna's father
Thobos Halfling Mayor of Woodhike
Thumble Egg Snatcher Shadow's pet, given to him by Briar
Trellus Septia's twin brother, a High Priest in the Temple of Khar'shan
Triple A Allosaurus "Alfred the Armored Allosaurus", Actaeon's mount
Troglodyte King Troglodyte Magically intelligent, tried to capture the Mithral Forge, slain by Actaeon
U’atu Celestial The Hundred-Handed, an angry god and spouse to Eos
Uriangr Silver Dragon Acastus's dragon, seemingly too young for his age
Vaevictus Human (?) The god king of Altea and Torag's father, current whereabouts are unknown
Verdant Sun’s Avatar Dinosaur A large beast once captured by Aspasia but freed by the heroes outside Ellandyr
Vern Dwarf Fisherman and merchant in the Ellandyr Fish Market
Versi Nymph The Oracle and keeper of her temple in the Wyldlands
Wakening Sun’s Avatar Ceratops Monster of the Wyldlands, slain by Actaeon, sacrificed to Aminatou
Xander Human Leader of the Dragonlords, undead and residing in the Necropolis
Xanthas Cyclops Worked for Korteva, scared away from Woodhike
Yfalos Water Genasi The Master of the genasi city on a coral throne
Zirconis Dragon Briar's bonded dragon, still in its egg