The following table lists items that may be crafted at the Mithral Forge.

Crafted ItemsDaysCost (gp)Primary IngredientsSecondary Ingredients
Amulet of Health5200
Boots of Levitation5200Dreaming Sun’s Feathers
Dragon Scale Mail10200Dragon Scales
Golden Apple51000Eternal Apple
Zephyr Lute150Nymph Hair String
Euros Lyre2100Nymph Hair String
Boreal Harp4200Nymph Hair String x2
Notos Kithara6500Nymph Hair String x2Meteor Metal
Javelin of Lightning1100Meteor Metal
Mithral Chain550Mithral Ingot
Mithral Weapon +15200Mithral Ingot
Pegasus Bridle11000Precious Gemstones (2000 gp)
Staff of Healing5200Chimera’s Goat HeadGorgon Blood
Trident of Fish Command5200Adamantine IngotGorgon Blood
Winged Boots550Verdant Sun’s Feathers

Crafting Other Items

You may also allow the heroes to use the Mithral Forge to craft magic items using the normal creation costs and minimum levels (see Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 129).

The forge accelerates the rate at which such items may be crafted, without increasing the overall cost. Use the table below to determine the rate at which items may be crafted. Once an item has been successfully crafted in this way, the forge must be allowed to rest for one week.

Crafting ModifierCrafting Speed
Base Speed25 gp/day
Mithral Forge+75 gp/day
Azorius Assisting+50 gp/day
Steros Assisting+50 gp/day