Actaeon Diomedes, the Vanished One

A powerful former Dragonlord of the First Order, whose mask hides more than just a face

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter 5
Archtype: Hoplite Soldier
Equipment and Abilities: Spears, Javelins, Shield

Briar of the Foxtail, the Cursed One

A practitioner of sacrificial arts, held back by a powerful family curse

Race: Centaur
Gender: Female
Class: Druid 5
Druidic Circle: Circle of Sacrifice
Equipment and Abilities: Staff, Sickle, Mistletoe, Druidic Magic

Clio, the Doomed One

A reserved warrior who harbors a strong resentment towards the titans

Race: Dryad Nymph
Gender: Female
Class: Mystic 5
Mystic Order: Order of the Nomad
Equipment and Abilities: Psionics, Psychic Blades
Ancestral Armor: Essence of Dawn

Leef Wendell, the Lost One

A devoted traveler from far away who becomes whoever they need to be

Race: Changeling
Gender: Anything
Class: Sorcerer 1 / Cleric 4
Sorcerous Origin: Divine Soul
Divine Domain: Light
Equipment and Abilities: Magic, Wands
Ancestral Armor: Sunfire Mantle

Rendu, a Demi-God

A strong and dashing warrior, fully devoted to his divine lineage

Race: Aasimar
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin 5
Sacred Oath: Oath of Glory
Equipment and Abilities: Sword, Shield, Chakrams, Magic

Shadow, the Haunted One

A remarkable former soldier who seeks his missing family and lost life

Race: Tabaxi
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger 5
Conclave: Hunter
Equipment and Abilities: Swords, Longbow, Magic

Torag, a Demi-God

The son of a god and a sworn enemy of the titans, cursed into his current form

Race: Cursed Minotaur (formerly Half-Elf)
Gender: Male
Class: Monk 5
Monastic Tradition: Way of the Shield
Equipment and Abilities: Shield, Martial Arts

The Master of Games

A mysterious and impartial judge, worshipped by many but known by few