Day 40

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Today, we closed the door. Yama is here. This is it. It’s time to live, or die.

We spent the last few days gathering everything else we could from Mr. Trainer’s house, nearby farms, and some houses in town we dared to enter. We have clothes, blankets, snacks, and as much of everything else as we can. We have tools, seeds, we have-

Everything we need to survive, I guess. To restart society? It’s funny to think about. We’re three people. One of us is a child. Society starters we are not. But more people are bound to survive, right? Where will the asteroid crash down? If it comes down even within five hundred miles from here, we’ll be roasted in the hit. If it strikes the other side of the planet, will the earthquakes bury us? Or will we freeze to death when the sun is blocked out? But even so, surely some people will make it.

We talked about it as we locked ourselves in. We have no idea what’s going to happen. I wish we had some sort of news or information. The old ham radio is working, but barely. I got it working after we shut ourselves in. I spoke to a man further south. Things were bad there, too, he told us. Riots, raids, destruction. To him, the world ended when the asteroid made the news. I can’t disagree. But the radio man said he still had a stream of news. He said it was hopeless to expect our government to shoot Yama out of the sky, but the prospect of surviving was not hopeless at all.

Maybe we’ll make it.

It’s time to settle down for a drink and go to bed. We might be woken by earthquakes. It’s happening soon.

But at least we have tea. Did I remember to record that? We have probably a metric ton of tea. It’s the most abundant thing we have down here. No one will be getting bored of water anytime soon. That said, we have almost no sugar.