Day 34

If you find this, please share my story.

Last night was rough. There was someone banging on the bunker door all night. Someone found us. We tried to ignore it, but I kept my gun with me. What time did the banging finally stop? I don’t know. After a while, I crept outside to look. It was still dark, except for the awful green glow of Yama above us.

I don’t know who was out there. We waited and listened. No other sounds came. The girl and I decided to be on guard while we were doing our chores. I have only one bullet left, but I kept the rifle with me. There are footprints out here – not ours – but they lead into the woods.

We had to make a trip into town today. The heater went out and the manual shows that we probably need to replace a part. I can find that in the hardware store. The girl and the child went with me. Safety in numbers and all that. I’m actually glad we decided to bring him with us, for a number of reasons.

First, he got to pick out his own toys from the toy store. The place was relatively untouched, so we were able to get him exactly what he wanted. Second, he’s opening up to us more and more each day and is more honest about what foods he does and does not like. We were proud of him when he helped us get food from the grocery store.

And finally, he saved our lives. We found the hardware store, but there was a man in there with a gun. I think he was the owner. He had bags under his eyes and looked completely lost, but had enough cognition to know we were stealing. But he saw the child and… I don’t know. He became soft suddenly. I think he was going to shoot me. Instead, he gave us the parts and told me how to install them. The girl asked him if he was alright, and he just told us he was waiting to sleep.

On our way home, we heard some suspicious noises and took a different route. We ended up passing my old boss’s house. It’s funny, in all this mess and disaster, I never really considered the people I worked with. I didn’t have many friends here after-

In a weird way, I imagined all the people in town I liked had made it out during the mass exodus when the asteroid was on the news. The friendly girl at the grocery store, the old man at the bank, and my boss from work. I mean, it made sense to think that, right? After one day, the town was almost empty except for me and some bad people that tie up girls in the street. Thinking on it, I think I was right to assume they made it out of town to find their owns means of survival, or to see their friends and family before the end.

My boss took a cyanide pill. Only a few days into the apocalypse, our government decided to give people an easy way out.

The girl and the child stayed outside. I didn’t want them to see this. I didn’t want to see it. I threw a blanket over him pretty fast. I told him thanks for hiring me. It was a good job, even if I was stuck at a desk and computer all day. It gave me something to do, something to distract me while my life was-

He was a good person. Abrasive when things were rough, but a good person anyway.