The Red Coast of Alas is a vast and ancient country to the far west. On its northern shores is an ages-old fortress that became the crowning jewel of knowledge, learning, science, history, and everything in between. The Great Archive of the Dawnmother, known far and wide as Candlekeep, is the largest library in the world. And it is the main location for the adventures in this series!

What To Expect

These one-shots are meant to be laid back and relaxed. There is plenty of opportunity for role-play moments, investigation, learning, and combat. There will be dangerous moments and missions, and poor decisions can mean your demise, but the game is low-stakes overall.

Building Your Character

The game starts with level 1 characters, and at the end of each game your character will gain a level. You can have your character continue in Candlekeep, or you can bring in a new character advanced to the appropriate level. All officially published D&D 5e races, classes, and subclasses are allowed, as well as all Unearthed Arcana.

Feel free to make an edge lord, a super-happy character, something goofy, something serious, or anything else in between. The adventures may be challenging in terms of puzzles, combat, or role-play, but they’re meant to be fun and easy-going.

One of the most important things you need to do for your character is give them a reason to go to Candlekeep. Why do they want to go to the Great Archive? What draws them there? You can choose for yourself, or you can team up with another player to come up with a reason together. Here are some ideas:

  • Candlekeep is hiring and you need a job
  • You’ve heard legends of the Great Archive and want to see it for yourself
  • You’re already on another quest, and need to visit the Great Archive for information
  • You’re just passing through and heard the mess hall serves good bread
  • A family member works there and you want to visit
  • You want to steal something (Be warned, though! Stealing “doesn’t work” in Candlekeep)
  • Or anything else you want!

The Great Archive has an entrance fee, though. Knowledge for knowledge, and learning for learning. The Great Archive has the largest collection of science, information, data, stories, literature, poetry, art, and even less significant writings like journals, recipes, pamphlets, blueprints, spell scrolls, and everything in between. The Readers are always looking to expand their collection. The only requirement is that what you bring to them is either new, original, or rare (like a first edition copy of something, or a high-level spell scroll). Be creative! What would your character offer?

When you create your character, what will you bring to Candlekeep for the entrance fee? Going to the front gate with nothing means you will be politely refused entry. And trying to break into Candlekeep might prove impossible or even fatal.

The Game

The game will be scheduled when more players can be available, either on Saturdays or Sundays. We will use Discord for voice and Roll20 for the tabletop.