A Bunch of Eyebrows started with four friends (Casey, Heather, Laurel & Ryan) who wanted to create a space in the world for them to… well, create! (Are we aware the name is kind of odd? Yep! Don’t worry about it!)

Our group’s creativity might be in the form of app and game development, art, craftsmanship, or writing.  It’s whatever we want it to be!

It’s a place for world building and self care because let’s face it, adulting is hard. And yes we use that term because most of us are millennials just trying to survive with the least amount of damage possible. Like us, this site is continually growing and expanding to include not only the accounts of our campaigns (because notebooks get lost and memories sometimes suck, and who was that NPC again oh my gosh I can’t think of his name oh NOOOO) but other interests we have as well. We are so happy to welcome the talents of all our other party members when they share their abilities because dang if we aren’t all busy with life.

We don’t keep this blog so it becomes popular or is well known. It’s just for us. But if you found your way here, hope you enjoy the weird tales of our characters, as well as some resources we use to improve our gameplay quality!

Ryan: Hufflepuff, Blue lightsaber, Froakie, Fighter, “You have my lore…”

Laurel: Ravenclaw, Silver lightsaber, Eevee, Druid, “And my straight answers (whether you like it or not) …”

Casey: Ravenclaw, Red lightsaber, Charmander, Cleric, “And my optimism and cooking.. .”

Heather: Hufflepuff, Purple lightsaber, Eevee, Ranger, “And my… lovable awkwardness.”

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